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Hello All!

This first week in Mexico has been amazing!

t’s been filled with incredible opportunities that I am grateful to have had! Two of these took place last Sunday on the 11th. The first was the privilege of being able to see some of Andy Warhol’s most famous works of art. Before we went to see the expo at the Jumex Museum, I didn’t know much about Warhol other than he was the man that painted Marylyn Monroe and soup cans in harsh colors. This gallery helped me learn a lot about him by the way they organized the expo by the way they described who he was as a person using some of his own words, and by how they detailed some of the method behind his madness. I truly felt I could relate with his views on consumer culture in America, specifically in the United States, which were strong influences on the themes in all of his pieces.

Next, we visited the Sumaya museum which is located on the very same plaza, adjacent to the Jumex museum. At the Sumaya, I was able to see a huge variety of pieces from different renown artists like Renoir and Rodin. It was absolutely spectacular. Every floor (there was 8, I believe.) had a gallery with a different theme than the last. My two favorites were the gallery focused on renaissance paintings and artwork, and the very last floor with the featured exposition titled “The age of Rodin” which was loaded with beautiful sculptures and famous impressionist paintings. Honestly this was the best day that I’ve had so far because I am such a fan of the arts and it was wonderful just to be able to enjoy some beautiful creations.

I have already described a lot and I’m not even half way done! Tomorrow I’ll be back with details on our trip to the museum of anthropology in addition to today’s shenanigans, but right now… SLEEP!

P.S. Don’t think I have forgotten about my reading. I know I have been slacking, and I apologize. Tomorrow I will dedicate lots of time to finishing “The New Killer Diseases”. Following its conclusion, I will get back to you shortly with my review…..as soon as I learn how to write a proper one.  haha


Good afternoon everyone!

This is the first post I have written at a decent hour! Yesterday was the first whole day of us being in Mexico and we honestly didn’t do anything too eventful. All we did was go on a walk in the morning and then go to Walmart later in the evening. Everything in between that is not worth recollection. One pretty exciting thing did happen after we got back from the supermarket though…. I got to meet my cousin’s pet rat! Its name is Jack and he likes corn chips.

My cousin also has a bunny, four birds, and a chinchilla in addition to my aunt’s two small dogs. My mom always likes to joke that the house must look like a petting zoo to visitors. I know I always have a really good time hanging out with all of the fur balls around here.

Today I am going to set aside a good chunk of my time to read “The New Killer Diseases: How the Alarming Evolution of Germs Threatens Us All”. I’ve actually been reading this book for about a year now, but I have to keep putting it down because there isn’t really any time to read for pleasure in college. I’m about half way through, so I think that if I really immerse myself in the book for a few days, I can get it done once and for all.

So far it is a very good book and I recommend it to anyone who likes books about science and suspense. It’s such a well researched book about diseases that have managed to escape the control of modern medicine. The authors set the tone in each chapter with vivid anecdotes of people who have been afflicted by the various maladies that the book is about, and then elaborate with facts on the danger of the situations these diseases present. Every time I start reading, I find that it is very hard to put the book down. More on this when I actually finish the book…



Ready For Takeoff!/ Blog Updates

Good Morning All!

Here I am coming to you guys with yet another post at the wee hours of the morning (2:30 a.m. to be specific). The featured image is a picture of the luggage that we will be toting around for most of tomorrow… :/

I am soooo ready to be on my way to Mexico! Our bags are all packed, the house is clean, the plants have been watered, etc. and now its just relatively smooth sailing from here on out. Our flight leaves tomorrow at 9:30 a.m. which means that we should be arriving in Mexico City by 1-2 p.m., leaving me ecstatic that there are less than 24 hours standing between me and my beautiful family. Now we just have to get through the turmoil of checking our luggage, waiting for what seems like an eternity in the TSA line, and then finally making the mad dash to our terminal so that we can finally check into our flight, get seated, and be on our merry way.

The flight is about 3.5-4 hours long so I already know I will be ordering one of those cheese plates that always looks so pretty on the menu and then is incredibly lackluster when it is finally placed in front of you by the flight attendant. Despite this, food is food and I am a huge foodie so I won’t complain. I will however add that all I really long for is a giant plate of enchiladas Suizas or a nice warm pile of tlacoyos de frijol con crema.

Along with the usual things one would pack for an extended stay in a foreign country, I’ve made sure to pack plenty of books to keep myself occupied on the flight and during the whole two months that we will be there. Most of these are located in my carry-on for easy access, that is if I don’t end up sleeping the whole flight. I will list the books off at the end of this post!

Now about the updates that I have done with the format of this blog. I have tried to make it a bit more aesthetically pleasing, at least for myself, without having to spend money on a fancy theme or anything like that. It’s not that I’m cheep or anything, I just enjoy having money for souvenirs and food! I have also added a list of books linked to my Goodreads account which displays  some of the books that I have read in the past two years, a calendar at the foot of my page that displays the dates of my posts, and beside that I have also added a widget that counts down to any important events relevant to posts I have made or will make on this blog. Also, there is a section for a lovely featured quote that I will try to update monthly to keep you guys inspired or something.

That seems to be pretty much it! Thanks for tuning in!

Side note: I’m sorry this post was so long…I tend to ramble a bit sometimes, but I really don’t feel like doing too much editing right now. If you’ve made it this far, I salute you! Thank you for hanging in there! I don’t think most of my posts will be this long and drawn out, but we will see.

List of my paperback companions (as promised)

  • A Mother’s Reckoning: Living in the Aftermath of Tragedy ~ by Sue Klebold
  • The Orchardist ~ by: Amanda Coplin
  • The Mommy Myth: The Idealization of Motherhood and How It Has Undermined All Women ~ by: Susan J. Douglas & Meredith W. Michaels
  • The New Killer Diseases: How the Alarming Evolution of Germs Threatens Us All ~ by: Elinor Levy & Mark Fischetti


Hello Everyone!

Hopefully this post will help you guys get to know me a little by providing some background on myself and my travels!

As long as I can remember, my parents and I have paid yearly visits to family in Mexico. We even lived there for some time while I was in preschool, but then moved to the United States permanently so that I could go to school and get to know my family here. The ritual has always been to jet off as soon as school was out, and then return in August before classes resumed. As summer begins to roll around again, we gear up once more for our routine stay south of the border.

I think the two most difficult parts of this annual migration are packing the suitcases, and having to say goodbye to all my loved ones in the United States for two whole months. Despite these small hardships,  I am very grateful for the opportunity to be able to travel to such a beautiful country so frequently. I will try to post some updates the night before we leave if I get a minute during what will surely be a very hectic evening, and then again for sure when I arrive in Mexico. These updates will be made every chance I get, and will hopefully contain many interesting anecdotes and pictures.

Stay tuned…