Good afternoon everyone!

This is the first post I have written at a decent hour! Yesterday was the first whole day of us being in Mexico and we honestly didn’t do anything too eventful. All we did was go on a walk in the morning and then go to Walmart later in the evening. Everything in between that is not worth recollection. One pretty exciting thing did happen after we got back from the supermarket though…. I got to meet my cousin’s pet rat! Its name is Jack and he likes corn chips.

My cousin also has a bunny, four birds, and a chinchilla in addition to my aunt’s two small dogs. My mom always likes to joke that the house must look like a petting zoo to visitors. I know I always have a really good time hanging out with all of the fur balls around here.

Today I am going to set aside a good chunk of my time to read “The New Killer Diseases: How the Alarming Evolution of Germs Threatens Us All”. I’ve actually been reading this book for about a year now, but I have to keep putting it down because there isn’t really any time to read for pleasure in college. I’m about half way through, so I think that if I really immerse myself in the book for a few days, I can get it done once and for all.

So far it is a very good book and I recommend it to anyone who likes books about science and suspense. It’s such a well researched book about diseases that have managed to escape the control of modern medicine. The authors set the tone in each chapter with vivid anecdotes of people who have been afflicted by the various maladies that the book is about, and then elaborate with facts on the danger of the situations these diseases present. Every time I start reading, I find that it is very hard to put the book down. More on this when I actually finish the book…




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