Out and About


Hello All!

This first week in Mexico has been amazing!

t’s been filled with incredible opportunities that I am grateful to have had! Two of these took place last Sunday on the 11th. The first was the privilege of being able to see some of Andy Warhol’s most famous works of art. Before we went to see the expo at the Jumex Museum, I didn’t know much about Warhol other than he was the man that painted Marylyn Monroe and soup cans in harsh colors. This gallery helped me learn a lot about him by the way they organized the expo by the way they described who he was as a person using some of his own words, and by how they detailed some of the method behind his madness. I truly felt I could relate with his views on consumer culture in America, specifically in the United States, which were strong influences on the themes in all of his pieces.

Next, we visited the Sumaya museum which is located on the very same plaza, adjacent to the Jumex museum. At the Sumaya, I was able to see a huge variety of pieces from different renown artists like Renoir and Rodin. It was absolutely spectacular. Every floor (there was 8, I believe.) had a gallery with a different theme than the last. My two favorites were the gallery focused on renaissance paintings and artwork, and the very last floor with the featured exposition titled “The age of Rodin” which was loaded with beautiful sculptures and famous impressionist paintings. Honestly this was the best day that I’ve had so far because I am such a fan of the arts and it was wonderful just to be able to enjoy some beautiful creations.

I have already described a lot and I’m not even half way done! Tomorrow I’ll be back with details on our trip to the museum of anthropology in addition to today’s shenanigans, but right now… SLEEP!

P.S. Don’t think I have forgotten about my reading. I know I have been slacking, and I apologize. Tomorrow I will dedicate lots of time to finishing “The New Killer Diseases”. Following its conclusion, I will get back to you shortly with my review…..as soon as I learn how to write a proper one.  haha


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